Monday, April 5, 2010

I ought to mention

If the renewed urge to post on this blog is going to continue, I ought to mention one small thing.........something to do with being up several times a night, spending a lot of money on diapers, and glaring back at the women who think I'm using a recalled sling. Yeah, I've got another pumpkin in my house. Born in January, nicknamed PolkaDot and probably the reason behind me taking another vacation from posting if that happens.....not that that's going to happen. Anyway, just thought you should know. Oh yeah, one more thing. She's pretty cute.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't judge a book by its cover

I picked this up the other day at the Salvation Army. (I love that place, half price clothing on Wednesdays makes my heart happy because this OCD mother doesn't care when her toddler completely ruins a $3.50 outfit. Okay, I still care but I care less which is good for Pumpkin. Wow - tangent.) You can imagine hubs face when he pulled it out of the car. He asked how much I paid for it. I'm not sure it would have mattered what I said, I could have said that they gave it to me and he still would have thought it was a waste of space taken up in our garage.
But I'm hopeful that I can make it look great. I've been searching Craigslist for months and months trying to find something to put in my dining room to store all Pumpkins craft stuff and some other stuff of my own and this thing is perfect. Well it's perfect minus the bright red doors and psychedelic tape squares. Can't wait to post pictures of the finished product. Here's a hint..........2 colors or less.