Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A birthday gift

My baby girl Charlotte turned one in January and for the last few weeks I've been feeling a little blue about the fact that she's not a baby anymore.  A few months ago she started sleeping in her own bed (as opposed to in my bed spinning and kicking me all night) and sleeping through the night.  I've just been a little lonesome for all those tiny baby things like rocking her to sleep, snuggling her all night and having the alone time with her while I feed her.  Today is my birthday and this morning in the wee hours I heard her cry.  She does that occasionally but usually goes right back to sleep.  She didn't.  She kept crying.  I told hubs to go get her and just bring her to me.  He handed her to me and immediately she snuggled up right next to me, nuzzled her sweet little face into my neck and collapsed into sleep.  And there she stayed for the rest of the night, nestled in close to the mommy who was missing just that.  There was no spinning, I did not get kicked. What I got was a sweet few hours of a birthday gift where I was reminded that though she may no longer be a baby, she will always be my baby.  So happy birthday to me.  What a perfect present.  Thank you sweet C.