Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can anyone keep up?

With a toddler and a 3 year old? Or do you all have it under control and I'm the only one that always feels 10 steps behind? And how can I be steps behind when one of them is barely taking steps? This is a reminder to myself in a sense because I think its so easy to forget the craziness that is life with children under 5. Mind you, I know from watching that the craziness continues, it just shifts and changes forms as they grow. But please tell me how I am supposed to get this new house completely unpacked and organized when I have to clean up all the tupperware she pulled out of the cupboard for the third time today (I know they make child locks), and sweep up the food she threw on the floor to tell me she was finished eating each and every meal. I sometimes think about how quickly I could get things done if I didn't have these two rag-muffins at my feet all day. But what fun would that be? No, instead I find myself spending the majority of my time merely "maintaining" the chaos that is our day to day. And every now and again the stars all align and something incredible happens. Perhaps there happens to be number one's favorite show on at the exact same time that number two has collapsed into a nap and I am able to take one teeny tiny step beyond just holding it together. I might actually get those pictures printed to put into the empty frames or I may put those empty frames up on that empty wall that has long been waiting for them or I may find a place to store all those things that are for now being stored on the kitchen counter (which I might mention is probably still sticky from the PB&J we had for lunch). If I'm being really looked out for, that toddler will get herself into an extra deep sleep and that three year old will amuse herself with barbies long after her show has finished and I could possibly have a minute or two to clear a path through that room that will one day be the crafting room of my dreams but is currently a place to put stuff and stack stuff and store stuff that you forgot that you had because, well, its buried somewhere in a pile of stuff. Is today a day the stars will align? We'll see. But even if it doesn't, when all is said and done I'd gladly take a hundred days of "maintaining" over one day without my messy munchkins.