Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not "so cool"

The other day my 3 year old asked me why her dad asked me to marry him. In earshot of my husband I told her it was because he loved me and thought I was so cool. To hubs' amusement she replied "but you're not so cool mom." With dramatic, shocked expression on my face I asked for an explanation. I got "you're not so cool because you don't do fancy tricks like daddy." She then turned to hubs and said "show her your fancy tricks daddy." Hubs looked back and forth from her to me trying to decide exactly what she was referring to and not wanting to disappoint because, after all, his parental coolness was on the line. Said 3 year old then stood on one leg to provide us an example of what she deemed a "fancy trick." In the end, a 3 second hand stand was enough to reinsert myself into the "so cool" category.........for now. Phew!