Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Love Christmas Spirit!

Sometimes I'm lacking in Christmas spirit, in fact at times I can be a downright Scrooge. I mean, I put up my tree already but wasn't really feeling the holiday buzz yet. So I love it when others around me have so much Christmas spirit that I can't help but have it rub off on me. There is a couple here in the town I live in that puts up some pretty spectacular Christmas lights. They even have an FM transmitter in their attic so you can tune your radio to a specific station and the lights are choreographed to the music. We took Pumpkin last night to see them and I think I was more excited/impressed than she was though she thought it was pretty cool. Everytime we'd drive past a house w/ lights, she'd say "ights, ights, more more" because she just couldn't get enough. When I saw this house though, I felt my Christmas Spirit bubbling up. There was an article published in our community magazine about them that said it takes the man 100 hours to put up all the lights and some insane amount of time to sync them with the music. What a lot of work, but I'm sure glad he did it because we enjoyed it immensely and felt our Christmas spirit soar! Check it out below: (this is their display last year, this years is much the same)

And as if doing this fantastic display isn't enough, they are also official drop locations for the local food bank and Toys for Tots and even have their own Santa on the weekends. Don't you love people like this?


MAG said...

Wow, that really is incredible. I've been slow to get into the spirit myself this year. People like that guy are amazing.

TL said...

I see you found my house on youtube! It's awesome huh! It took me a month and a half to get ready but it's worth it huh! ha ha just kidding, you have to be totally joking that is amazing! I had Ella right her by me and she said, is that santa's house or what? Sounds like it pretty much could be santa's house!
Thanks for letting me talk your ear off yesterday, I'm feeling much better oh except for the fact that I teach on Sunday and then have a talk the next week, could you ask your hubs to pick a yw value and write me a talk, if he does that then I promise he can trust me to babysit Ava. The End (you have to say that at the end of a book right?)

SweetAbbs said...

Hmmm I have a talk on revelation and one on enduring I could email you. That's all I can offer. :)