Tuesday, June 7, 2011

White Rock Centennial Half Marathon

In December I told a friend of mine that I needed to get motivated to start working out again. I mentioned something about signing up for a race. She emailed me the next day with a race she wanted me to run with her. I did the 5k. I loved it and in the midst of getting ready for it I started running with a couple of girls that go to our church, and after the 5k, one of the girls suggested we sign up for a half marathon. We did. So we had to keep running. And then a couple more joined us and it turned into 7 cool women who drug their butts out of bed at 6 am every morning to run together. It has been an absolute blast and I have gone from someone who hated running to someone who is completely loving it. I nursed an injury for the last few weeks of training for the half but with the help of some physical therapy, some Aleve, and the race-day adrenalin, I made it through the 13.1 miles without stopping. And you know what? My husband did it too which just made it that much more fun.

The shirts I made for the seven of us who trained together.

Yes, that's a minivan

The night before the race. Our carb-loaded dinner.

Here we are before the race. Me, Cheri, Sarah, Ginger, Kim & Casi.
(One of the girls got injured and was unable to run)

Me and the hubs

Me all sweaty and gross with my finishers medal.

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