Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Voodoo, A Yummy Apology, and Zitcream

So I'm working on this little gift I'm giving out to neighbors and church friends for the holidays (picture to come) and I needed some cool-looking fonts, which as you know do not exist in Word. So I searched the internet (as I always do when I have a dilemna) and lo and behold you can download all kinds of fun and crazy fonts for FREE and use them in your already existing programs like Word! I know, there are some of you reading this (okay, let's be honest, only about one person ever reads this) thinking "hello! welcome to the 21st century!" who have probably been using these fonts since before man stood upright (I swear it feels like I'm that far behind in the technology department sometimes...anyone ever heard of a wheel?) but for me this is a new thing and I'm giddy with excitement about it. Just think of all the things I can create now that I am not stifled in the font department: signs, t-shirts, little sayings to put on boards to put in my house (okay, to be real I currently have no boards hanging in my house but who knows what kind of inspiration this new discovery will bring), labels for.....stuff, I mean the possibilities are endless. Granted I could have technically created all of these things before but they would not have been nearly as COOL! I feel like a whole new world has opened to me. (Just in case your still wondering what the crap that title is, google them with the word font behind're in for a treat.)