Monday, February 23, 2009

Work of Art Wednesday

Apparently I need to go back to the grade in elementary school when you learn the days of the week because since I started this "work of art wednesday" I have yet to post my projects on a Wednesday. Hmmm.... sorta says something about the chaos that is my life sometimes. But I really have been a little tornado of craftivity lately which is the reason I haven't posted in a week. So since my project list is still pretty long, I thought I oughta drop in and let you see some of the things I've been working on. I did finally make some of those marble magnets (that the rest of you have been making for 10 years) as well as a couple of hooded towels. And since one of my good friends is soon having twins, these are my most recent project to be added to the "welcome babies" package. The twins are supposed to be identical, thus one bow on the left, one on the right just in case they need a little help telling them apart. Back to the craft room!


MAG said...

I LOVE those! Ok, ok. I'm gonna get pregnant already. I want in on this! haha

You should post how to make those hooded towels. I've been wanting to make some. I know, I never posted how to make that baby carrier, so I don't deserve instructions...

Pretty please?

SweetAbbs said...

lol you're funny. the hooded towels are SO easy that if I post instruction, nobody that i've given them to will feel special anymore! lol. just kidding. i'll get right on that.